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Term Paper Topics

American Presidents

This paper presents political biographies of seven selected American presidents. In brief accounts, the paper highlights accomplishments, challenges and legacies of the presidents in their political career.

America: Congress and Foreign Policy

This paper uses history help and explores the issue of the role of Congress in making foreign policy and the ways in which the presidency has assumed more powers I this area.

American Cultural Change in the 1960’s

This paper deals with change in culture and politics in America during the 1960’s. Topics discussed are the challenges the new, young generation made to pre-existing ideas of home, family, government and freedom. Additionally discussed are the ways in which those who fought for social change in the 1960s relied upon previous American ideals of freedom.

American Culture and Islamic Culture: Comparisons

In this undergraduate paper an online essay writer examines and analyzes American and Islamic culture. Social structures, symbols, norms, values, and rituals are compared and contrasted, and respective strengths and weaknesses are discussed. 

American Domestic History: 1963-1992 AND American Foreign Policy Since 1960.

This graduate paper is in the form of two essays of two pages each, which deal with political, economic, cultural, social, and cultural changes in the United States between 1963-1992; and American foreign policy issues since 1960. In the first essay, the author examines the personal experiences of six Americans of different racial, religious, economic, and geographical backgrounds, and in the second essay the author refutes charges that America is imperialist, and that American foreign policy is driven by capitalist greed.

American Foreign Policy

This paper encompasses a discussion of American foreign policy. Specifically the focus of the discussion is on American foreign policy in the years between Munich and Pearl Harbor. The book “From Munich to Pearl Harbor” by David Reynolds is the source of reference used for this discussion of the cold war years through Pearl Harbor. In addition a description of how American foreign policy has changed in the time period being discussed is presented.


American Government and History

This paper answers three questions about American history.

American National Government

This essay discusses how the different branches of the American federal government must now do something new about terrorism. There are certain kinds of legislation that could help in this context. The Executive Branch has to take the initiative, while the Courts and Congress can facilitate executive action.

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